Friday, June 10, 2011

How to play Sudoku online

Puzzle games are the best source of entertainment to pass time that challenges your minds as well. It is scientifically proven that puzzles are a beneficial learning process. They help you think out of the box and help you to increase your level of thinking. They help you to think about a situation both in an analytical as well as logical way. Puzzles are not only a tool for education but can be a source for fun for both children and adults.

The internet has transformed the way people spend their time by offering different types of games that players can enjoy. Today you can enjoy online puzzle games. One of the most popular puzzles that is played by people from all age group is Sudoku. There are a plethora of websites available which you can choose from to play Sudoku online. A few websites also require you to download the application to start playing the game while some allows you play directly.

Sudoku is a mathematical game that first appeared in a Japanese magazine in the eighties. It is a game that comprises of a 9 by 9 grid in which the boxes are 3 by 3However, grids may vary and some may be 4 by 4 or 8 by 8. In the 4 by 4, the grid. has to be filled in with letters zero to nine and letters A to F. you have to fill in the missing numbers such that each row and each column has digits from one to nine. Each 3 by 3 grid must also have all the nine digits.

One of the best methods to play the game is by the process of elimination. Instead of searching for possible numbers that can fill the space search for numbers that cannot be filled. It will surely help you to finish the game faster. These websites offer a number of puzzles with varying difficulty levels. You can play any one according to your choice. Some websites offer the game for free while you need to apply for the membership on a few.

There are a few websites that are designed especially for kids. You can play at any website of your choice but before playing make sure you know everything about the game well. You can read about the tips and a few strategies to play the game only too. With time, as you gain experience you will develop your own tricks.


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