Friday, June 29, 2007

Restaurant Empire

Starting with nothing except some cash and a passion for food, build a restaurant from the bottom up - hire waiters, decorate, even cook the meals! Buy, build, outsell and underprice your competition.

Will you use your culinary wizardry to out-cook chefs? What tactics and strategies will you employ to buy out the competition? You decide. With a combination of business strategy and role-playing game styles plus a free-form sandbox game mode, three huge cities, and over 30 playable chefs and a host of locations to travel to, Restaurant Empire is an epicurean delight of gastronomic proportions!

This game is one of the most popular and good games now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deep Quest - Arcade game.

Deep Quest takes you to the watery realms of the Deep, where an epic battle between Abyssians and Gordlons is underway.
You will command the Abyssian Defence Force and undertake 10 Quests, each with unique maps and challenges.

Graphics were great!
I loved the music, the gameplay, and the simplicity. Great Game!!!!
You have to try it!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Alien Shooter - Arcade game.

The endless darkness and the somber, long passages of a military complex have become the abode of evil, as thousands of blood-thirsty creatures fill its offices, storehouses and mysterious laboratories.

Your mission is simple: clear the base at all costs. You will be provided with explosives to help you gain access to the teleports from where thousands of pitiless creatures pour. A stationary gun will aid in the defense of the area.
You have been granted access to the most advanced weapons technology money can buy.

As you earn your pay, you can equip yourself with additional weapons in the arming area and biomechanical implants that will make your fighting abilities super human.

The game is..
The game is very thrilling and interesting. It can be a little boring sometimes.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cake Mania

Welcome to Cake Mania! Jill, our hero, has returned from culinary school, only to find her beloved grandparents' bakery closed down. Business has taken a drastic downturn because a new Mega-Mart store opened in the neighborhood.

Help Jill save the day by opening a bakery, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' shop in this beautiful, fast-paced adventure. Upgrade your equipment and set up 4 different bakeries in exotic locales. Serve up seasonal confectionary delights to a variety of customers. See if you have what it takes to save the Evans Bakery!

Now, what can I say about this game?

The graphics is grate, the sound is very pleasant and the whole game is fantastic!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy [wii]

Super Mario Galaxy is a new Mario game from creator Shigeru Miyamoto for the Nintendo Wii.

Fly away with Mario as he blasts from planet to planet in his new platforming adventure.

The game is relatively easy and very enjoyable!
The graphics is grate, the sound is good but a little annoying and the
story is interesting !

Enjoy [=

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Video Game Wiki

We do a lot of video game reviews here. However, I wanted to bring something new to your attention. I recently came across this video game wiki at The members of LWS have compiled a large amount of information regarding video games that might be of use to you. In addition, you're welcome to join and help to collaboratively create articles about anything to do with video games. It'll be nice to have a quality repository of information for those of us who love gaming.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Treasures of the Deep - PC Arcade Game

Treasures of the Deep, a PC Arcade Game, lets you explore an amazing world deep underwater that is full of treasures for you to capture. Treasures of the Deep is a gorgeous 3D brick-breaking adventure for your PC arcade game colleciton!

Treasures' 113 animated levels are waiting for you in the mysterious deep sea.
This PC arcade game is fulll of treasures and jewels to collect deep on the ocean floor. Every level of this pc
arcade game is unique in its shape and solution style.
While you search for treasures you will enjoy a beautiful deep underwater landscapes inhabited by more than 20 fish species.

The 3 levels of difficulty of this PC arcade game, Treasures of the Deep, will ensure all the family can play, and no one will get bored!
Treasures of the Deep is a PC arcade game. It is NOT the Play Station Game.
I loved the music, the gameplay, and the simplicity. Great Game!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Imperial Glory - PC game

Forge the destiny of the world amid the turbulent times of the early 19th century. Lead one of the Great Empires in titanic conflicts,
or achieve economic dominance backed by shrewd diplomats and resolute military. Choose to rule as absolute despot or constitutional monarch.

Unleash Hussars, Lancers, Dragoons and Imperial Guards across more than 50 battle maps ?

from the green fields of England, to the icy wastes of Russia and sweeping deserts of Morocco ? all in stunning, full 3D.
Fight for naval dominance in breathtaking, real-time sea battles. This is an age of change - be at the leading edge of modernity or your civilization will fall by the wayside
You should to try this PC game!