Monday, August 8, 2011

Gaming Consoles Also Vulnerable to Virus Infections

Game consoles of the olden days were standalone machines that didn’t have connections to each other or to any network. Some examples of these gaming platforms were your arcade games that only stored the high scores of various players.

But now, the gaming industry has evolved into a profitable business and more technological advancements are applied to their products. From the days of the first video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, consoles now have seriously gained hi tech features.

Take the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, both of them allow users to surf the web so you don’t have to transfer to a pc or a laptop in between gaming sessions. Because game platforms are continuously being improved, they slowly resemble computers – thereby, getting similar security risks.

Attaching USB flash drives are possible with today’s gaming consoles, so you might think this is the most widespread way viruses are distributed – but actually no. The weakest link in your console’s defense lies in its ability to connect to the internet and other similar devices. This is the easiest way to get sensitive information from you or destroy your data.

In Xbox 360s, credit card information is stored because you need this to access Xbox LIVE, so this could be target for virus developers. Antivirus companies have seen the threat of browsing the web using your console which is not equipped with any firewalls. Even Trend Micro recognized this early, and they have actually developed an antivirus program for your gaming console. You can also find online free antivirus programs but they may not be as effective.

Hardcore gaming console fans may defend their gadget, saying that it’s unlikely for them to get virus because of the limited install space. They might be correct for now in that area, but when expanding install space and web browsing are paired together, it’s definitely a must to consider protecting your machine from virus infections.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angry Birds Free Online Game

Angry birds, is yet another mind boggling puzzle game launched by Rovio Mobile. The game was initially released in the year 2009 for apple’s operating system, iOS. The game was like an instant hit and over millions of copies were sold of the game from the apple’s app store. The huge success and massive response to game forced the designers to develop the games for other platforms as well and today it’s available for your pc, windows or mac and other smarthphones based on android and other platforms.

Angry birds have proved out to be an addiction among the game lovers. Its low price is like the cherry on the cake. The game has been successful on every platform it is launched for. The company has made the interest going by launching free additional updates time and again. Not only that the company has launched the games in a number of different versions like holiday and promotional versions , apart from the fact that some of them are free while some are special editions, that vary a little bit in their styling and the environment they present but the basic motive of the game remains the same.

One can also play angry birds online. There are a number of reasons that led to the popularity of the game. To begin with, its simplistic design was one of its main attracting features. The interface was so user friendly that the gamers immediately got the crux of it. The game is easy to play. The graphics are also very alluring. Every level has something new to present to its users that makes them even more interested to find out what lies ahead in the next level.

There are a number of websites that offer angry birds online. One can compare the prices and other options offered by these websites and then make a decision. The company keeps adding new levels to the game and once you have purchased the game these new levels is available to you for free. However there are few versions with a limited number of levels that you can play for free. Angry birds online game is definitely a addictive game that can make you sit in front of your computer or hold your device phone for hours. However, the game is so interesting that one must play it at least once to feel the adrenaline rush when the birds are covering their trajectories.