Monday, December 31, 2007

Townsmen 4 - mobile game

Ever wanted to create and develop a town of your own in the palm of your hand? Now you can, thanks to Townsmen 4. Using the correct and most feasible strategies, you can build your very own empire from the ground up. Of course, it's not just a case of build, build, and build again - you'll need to run the town sensibly in order to make money, and to ensure that those who come to live there will stay.
By the way, happy new year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pyramid Bloxx

The object of the game, is to build 3 pyramids of increasing size, each made of a number of blocks according to how big the pyramid is. The pyramid is only considered complete when it's score gauge is full and when all of it's blocks places are filled. The game features an overview map where you can select which of the pyramids you want to build. The graphics are funny, the backgrounds aren't very detailed but they don't need to be, because you won't have time to enjoy them. Concerning the music - the same egyptian sounds that everybody can recognize. The gameplay combines a little bit of strategy with a lot of fun. It's an excellent game, and I can guarantee that no one will be disappointed after playing this game.

Chuzzle - computer puzzle game

Chuzzle is a great computer puzzle game. It is named after the multi-colored fuzzballs around which the game revolves. The goal in the game is to move the Chuzzles so that in each turn a cluster of three or more Chuzzles is made. The overall gravity of the grid is downward. New Chuzzles will appear from the top. Various trophies are awarded to the player as events occur in the game. The game is very alike the game Bejeweled. Even if it isn't a special game, the Chuzzles are cute. I don't like the graphics at all, but anyone can play this game hour after hour.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Playman Extreme Running

RealArcade Extreme Running is the eighth game in the series of Playman Extreme Running. In RealArcade Extreme Running, you experience a new sport - parkour. Players are able to run, jump or somersault off of walls and more. RealArcade Extreme Running has twelve levels, four different game modes and forty five missions.
The charm in the game is that the player feels like he is part of the game, and the game seemed to be real in some way. This mobile game is pretty nice and interesting.